Kelleys Island

Kelleys Island Rendezvous Information

We have 17 boats going to Seaway Marina and several people taking the ferry for VBC's Kelleys Rendezvous.  Coordinating this rendezvous is a crack team made up of; Bernie Atkins, Michele Stoffan, Georgann Wachter, and P/C Mike Wachter.  

Knowing we were coming, Kelley's scheduled “Island Fest” for our entertainment.  There will be

  • ·         craft & artisan venders
  • ·         lots of live street music
  • ·         a “Dog Days of Summer” parade
  • ·         street dancing
  • ·         fireworks, an
  • ·         much more. 

As a result, we’ve had to modify our plans slightly and not have a group dinner at West End (they can’t accommodate a group our size.  The last stop of our adventure run will be Kelley's Island Cantina / Winery.  They have snacks, burgers, pizza, and a nice menu and can handle all of us.  Or, you can participate in the last feat of skill, have a drink, and then head downtown for the festivities and food.

GAME PLAN: Plan to arrive in time for cocktails at 6:30 on Friday. Please bring an appetizer to share.  We have a special friggatriskaidekaphobia contest planned for the evening that you won’t want to miss.

Saturday will begin with Bloody Marys and Mimosas provided by power fleet and a pot luck breakfast provided by you. After breakfast, we’re off on a skill-based Wheel of Fortune Adventure Run.  We’ll draw names for teams and each stop will require that each member of your team demonstrate the required skill before receiving their letters.  Yep, its Wheel of Fortune with a twist.  You’ll have to earn your letters, and you get to spell your own word/phrase. There’s a fantastic prize for the winning team and the runner up. You win by spelling Vermilion Boat Club or by spelling the longest word or phrase. Along the way we’ll have lunch at Kelley's Island Brewery 504 W Lakeshore Dr, Kelleys Island, OH 43438. Phone: (419) 656-4335.  Our reservation is for 12:30pm. We’ll wrap up the Wheel of Fortune Adventure Run at Kelley's Island Winery.  Lots of food and beverage here.

Sunday morning we’ll have an awards ceremony and our first ever “Last to shove off” contest. First to leave is a LOSER.  If you’re sticking around, we’ll have breakfast at the former Bag the Moon, now called Peepers 109 W Lakeshore Drive, Kelley’s Island, OH 43438 and maybe a quick golf cart tour of the island.

Arriving by boat, contact Seaway Marina on VHF Channel 16 or by phone at 419.746.2506 and tell them you’re with Vermilion Boat Club. Figment hopes to leave the dock around 11:00 or 12:00am.

Arriving by ferry or car, we suggest one of Kelleys’ many B&Bs.  CHECK HERE.

ARRIVAL DATE: Friday, July 13th, 2018

DEPARTURE DATE: Sunday, July 15th, 2018


GROUP PLACEMENT: We have reserved the corner next to the restrooms and golf cart rental.  This is the same location as last year.

Golf Cart Rental:  We have arranged to rent 6 passenger golf carts for the price of a 4-person cart at Seaway ($14/hr).  We’ll need several for Saturdays activities and suggest we all pitch in to rent four or five carts.







Power Boat Rendezvous 2018 Schedule.
Please Contact the Coordinator listed below to reserve space on a rendezvous.

February 17 Club/Pub Bus Tour  -  Kuhn
May 5th    Kentucky Derby -- No reservation needed
May 12th  Fleet Inspection -- Non VBC Dockers should call the club to reserve a dock
June 8-10 Cedar Point  -  P/C Mickey Silecky & Barb Webber This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 
June 22-24 Sandusky Dock of the Bay  - Jeff & Kim Lucas This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

July 13-15 Kelleys Island Seaway Marina added 3 spots -  P/C Mike & Georg Wachter, Michele Stoffan, Bernie Atkins This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

August 3-5 Middlebass  -  Randy & Danna Reese This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
August 17-19 Port Clinton Brands Marina  -  Jon & P/C Lori Koethe  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

August 31-September 3   Rock&Dock/Kuhn  Labor Day Weekend   (sold out)  P/C Lewie & Shari Kuhn
**waiting list only
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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Dock Rules



[for VBC resident dockers]


1.       A list of members requesting resident docks at VBC will be maintained by the VBC Dock Committee.  This committee is comprised of the Commodore, Dock Trustee and Club Manager.  Requests to be added to this list shall be made in writing with the appropriate deposit of $50.  Any member in good standing may request to be placed on the dock waiting list.  However, only SENIOR and SENIOR YACHTSMEN members may occupy a dock.  A single deposit will qualify the member for both the 35-foot and 40-foot dock waiting lists.  When a member turns down an available dock their name then goes to the bottom of the list.


2.       A member may not have two docks.  A member may have his/her name on the waiting list for a dock of a different size while occupying another dock, but may not have his/her name on the list for a second dock of the same size.


3.       New resident dockers must submit a $3,000 deposit to the VBC Dock Committee within fourteen (14) days of notification and acceptance of said dock.


4.       Dock rental will be $2,735.00 per year for 40-foot docks and $2,394.00 for 35-foot docks regardless of boat size.  Rental will be paid in two equal installments with the first installment due January 31 and the second installment due March 31.  Members taking a dock during the year will pay in full prior to occupying the dock.  No rental payments will be accepted from any member thirty (30) days in arrears in the payment of annual dues, assessments or any club account.  Additional seasonal costs incurred to accommodate wider beans shall be borne by the encroaching boat.


5.       Each dock is intended for one (1) boat only – dinghies (tenders) will be stored aboard, not ashore, but may be kept with your boat in the water as long as they do not interfere with the other dockers.


6.       No rafting permitted except by permission of Dockmaster.


7.       Picnic tables will be provided through VBC and will be uniform in size and removed at the end of the boating season.


8.       Trash and garbage are to be placed in the available dumpsters.


9.       Docks are not to be sub-rented or used by anyone other than the docking member or their immediate family (subject to VBC guest rules) without the prior approval of the Dockmaster and/or Club Manager except for rentals to visitors under the supervision of the Dockmaster.


10.   Members vacating their dock overnight must notify the Dockmaster and/or Club Manager so as to allow overnight rental of the dock to visitors.  If not notified, the docker may be assessed for rents lost at $1.75 per foot of the length of his/her boat for each night the dock is vacant.


11.   Utilities are to be used efficiently and not wasted.  Air conditioning units are to be turned off when you are not staying aboard (extra utilities charge to be decided by Dock Committee and owners at a later date).


12.   Partying and noise-making must stop by 11:00 pm and quiet hours observed thereafter.


13.   Alcoholic beverages obtained from any source other than the club bar are to be kept aboard and are not to be consumed ashore.


14.   Docks will be assigned annually by the VBC Dock Committee.


15.   All docking matters will be administered by the VBC Dock Committee and Dockmaster, subject to the jurisdiction and control of the VBC Board of Trustees.  The Dock Committee has the authority to revoke docking privileges at any time.


16.   Grills will be provided by VBC and no other grills will be permitted.


17.   No pets aboard or ashore.


18.   Hauling of the docks will be at the discretion of the VBC Dock Committee and all boats are to be removed prior to the date established by the committee.  Failure to comply will result in an assessment of $100 per day which may be deducted from dock deposit.


19.   Disregard of dock rules and regulations will not be tolerated and will result in suspension of docking privileges.


20.   a) All walking areas will be kept clear of hoses, pails, electric cords and other foreign materials at all times.

b) The water and concrete area, so marked, at the hoist and dry sail area is to be kept clear of autos, trailers, boats and other obstacles at all times


21.                       a)            40-foot docks

                           Power & Sail

                            Length – 46 foot maximum

                           Beam – As can be accommodated with regard to beam space and draft available subject to approval of the Dock Committee.


                           35-foot docks

                           Power & Sail

                            Length – 37 foot maximum

                           Beam – As can be accommodated with regard to beam space and draft available subject to approval of the Dock Committee.

                b) The Dock Committee has the right to reassign any and all dockage slips in order to accommodate all dockers with regards to safety and size of boat.

                c) The Dock Committee must be consulted when any docker (current or new) plans to purchase another boat to confirm if current slip is usable.  Said new boat must adhere to above                                       parameters.

               d) The Dock Committee must be notified in writing of Dock Holder’s request for slip reassignment.  The Dock Committee shall maintain a list of all those wishing reassignment. The Dock                                   Committee shall refer to and only make offers to those Dock Holders who have served notice when open docks become available. Open docks will be presented to those who has submitted a                       written request and are on the Dock Committee’s list of those wishing dock reassignment, based on tenure of dockage.  Tenure of dockage is measured by years Dock Holder has held dock                           within each dock category (i.e. 35’ or 40’).  Any Dock Holder who accepts reassignment to a different dock shall lose dock seniority and have to start "at the bottom" of the reassignment dock                       list.


                e) Steps used on docks to access boats will be controlled by the Dock Committee and must not offer any safety hazard or inconvenience to fellow dockers (only three steps high and must be                             stable and secure).

                f) All current dockers protected by a grandfather clause will not be affected by any change in     boat size regulation in regard to their current boat.

                g) Boat length defined as manufacturer’s center line length of hull.


22.   A docking member will be responsible for keeping his OH number or Documentation number current with the Dock Committee.


23.   No overnight guests allowed on boat unless occupied by boat owners or their spouses unless special permission is requested by the boat owner from the Dock Committee.


24.   Dock boxes will be of uniform size and shape.  Dockers are responsible for installation, removal and storage.  Space limitations require that dock boxes not be left on VBC property during the off season.


25.   All boat owners will provide VBC with a certificate of insurance.




REVISED 01/24/2017